The bees are beautiful busy creatures of nature and important guardians of our natural environment. They are the primary pollinators, without their ability to fertilize we’d lose many species of flowers and plants.

The bee collect pollen of the flowers to be used as a food by the hive and has appeared in art and religion of many ancient cultures and civilizations as a strong symbol of feminine energy, as well as fertility and care.

Bees came to represent the survival of the human soul in Egypt. In ancient Greece is associated with the Great Goodness, as symbol of communal support and fertility. Christians adopted it as the symbol of hope and in Hinduism symbolize reincarnation.

I love insect symbolism and this bee jewelry collection is a feminine and inspirational life symbol.











Written by Nuria Ponz — January 09, 2014



look this is very goods.

June 10 2014 at 04:06 PM

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