Madrid Geomining museum


Madrid is a unique city filled with history and awesome art museums but my most recent trip to the Spanish capital last August was planned to visit the Geomining museum.

Located in Rios Rosas 23, in the Chamberí district, in the North of Madrid, this geological, mineralogical and paleontological museum of the Instituto Geológico y Minero de España is an amazing and not very known antique museum due to it preserves the most important collections of minerals, rocks and fossils from Spain, its colonial territories and other meaning reserves in the world.

I could not stop taking photos to the collections of minerals, this museum has fascinated me from the first moment. The inside of the building of wood, glass and wrought iron make it a unique and special environment exciting and hard to describe engaging the almost solitary visitor.

I'm sure that I will be back soon.









Written by Nuria Ponz — September 23, 2013

Gold and sterling silver bee collection

The bees are beautiful busy creatures of nature and important guardians of our natural environment. They are the primary pollinators, without their ability to fertilize we’d lose many species of flowers and plants.

The bee collect pollen of the flowers to be used as a food by the hive and has appeared in art and religion of many ancient cultures and civilizations as a strong symbol of feminine energy, as well as fertility and care.

Bees came to represent the survival of the human soul in Egypt. In ancient Greece is associated with the Great Goodness, as symbol of communal support and fertility. Christians adopted it as the symbol of hope and in Hinduism symbolize reincarnation.

I love insect symbolism and this bee jewelry collection is a feminine and inspirational life symbol.











Written by Nuria Ponz — January 09, 2014

Start a new year! Wishing you a happy 2014!

Happy 2014 to All of You!!

Last year has been a very busy and amazing year for Lunahoo, I cannot put into words, but I will be eternally grateful to all of my customers for being here.

After a very small break, we go on with our daily desire to grow, improve and learn more about my passion for jewelry.

Thank you for all of your support this year!

I can only hope you will find  all what you are looking for the next 365 days  :)


Fall is here! Autumn arrives tonight!

The autumn of this year arrives tonight!  As always fall arrives full of exciting things!

On the equinox "equal night" the sun shines directly on the equator and the length of day and night is nearly exactly the same length.

The fall equinox is my favorite time of year, when the first rain arrive, the wind that blows, and then the amazing early fall colors around us.

In the autumn all is special! 

Have a great Autumn Equinox, everyone.



  Art deco leaf long dangle earrings


 Acorn leaf earrings - Sterling silver and brass


 Half moon gold brass long earrings with sterling silver


  Art deco leaf long dangle earrings


New Lunahoo sterling silver rings

There are some of our new sterling silver rings, cat rings and geometric sterling tiny shapes coming soon in Lunahoo shop!

I'm looking foward publish them on the website.

If you like other finish for your jewelry, these sterling silver rings are available in shiny silver finish, matte finish and black oxidized silver finish.

Choose your favourite silver ring!








Jewel designer: Noémiah, jewelry with feathers



 Reflets dansants.


  Feux follets.


 Feux follets.


  Reflets dansants.


 Feux follets.


 Reflets dansants.


All these pieces of  delicate and sensual jewelry  are created by Noémiah.

Noémie Vaillancourt is the designer behind Noémiah, feathers are the star piece of her jewelry. Her delicate combination of materials are very inspiring, combining geometry with the fragility of the feather she designs unique and very original pieces of jewelry like long necklaces or extra long feather earrings modern as well as classical.

I love all her jewelry but my favourites are Reflets dansants and Feux follets collection.


Organize your jewelry, Boxes and displays.


At the beginning of the year  always we are full of good personal goals, one of these is to be more organized with our closet and accessories.

If you need to organize your jewelry, here you can find some original jewelry storage ideas to hang your earrings, rings, necklaces, pins…  and beautiful jewelry boxes that make your jewelry easier to find .

With everything organized you'll know what you have and what you want to wear instantly every morning.

Not more disorder!



Lingerie by Lille Boutique




I found Lille Boutique and i fell in love with this lingerie shop at first sight!

Lille Boutique it’s a unique lingerie shop, it was created by Sarah Wizemann and it's located in Portland.

Lille hand-picks a unique collection of  brands from all over the world and meets high-quality lingerie, awesome designs, great variety of unique colors and vintage inspiration.

This combination is a perfect cocktail!

Whether you are seeking an original lingerie gift, you can take a look Lunahoo underwear on Pinterest.




Times flies when you build up a dream..

 Times flies and it is more quickly  when you build up a dream!! 

So before we know it 2012 be over... Las year has been a year full of interesting developments for Lunahoo and i would to say thank you to all who placed their trust in me and  who have always been by my side, giving me encouragement in all the projects!

Love you all and I wish you all the best!!

Written by Nuria Ponz — January 02, 2013



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